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10 things to do to keep your hair healthy this winter

January 02, 2017

So it’s that time of that time of the year again when most of us start dreaming of exotic destinations. The cold has swooped in and our hair and skin our victims of the unfortunate disadvantage that come with it. Discover how our 10 tips and tricks can help keep your mane in check. You can easily integrate them in your beauty routine and the results will be well worth while.  


1. Don't wash your hair as often                                                               

With the humidity dying down our hair tends to stay in place longer in place, so maximise on it! Don't use styling tools everyday and use dry shampoo to refresh your mane between washes. 

dry shampoo suggestion My Mane Care

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2. Make sure you get enough nutrients and vitamins

Our body can get deprived of nutrients and vitamins in the winter so look for something that will help to keep your body well nourished. Chia seeds, spirulina, bamboo silica are all very good options for both your body and your hair. Keep in mind that it is always important to consult a physician before taking too many natural supplements. Find out which one is best for you.

3. Protect your hair from the elements

  Your mane get’s cold to you know! The wind and cold weather can be very damaging to your hair, especially if you are running out of the house with wet hair. It's important to wear a hat that will act as a shield against these harsh elements. Surprisingly the wind can be just as damaging as the sun. So tuck that mane in your jacket and rock your favorite hat. 

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4. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that will nourish your scalp

 Harsh sulphates and cleansing agents found in regular shampoos and conditioners often contribute to the drying out of your scalp. Look for natural alternatives that use Aloe leaf juice and natural oils to help sooth and nourish your scalp.


5. Weekly hair mask

 The dry heating in your home and office combined with the cold weather outside will cause your hair to loose some of it’s moisture. It is important to restore it with a replenishing treatment such as our hydrating hair mask. This will prevent breakage, help restore shine and even soothe a dry itchy scalp. 

weekly hydrating hair mask

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6. Silk or satin pillow case

 Silk or satin pillowcases may sound fancy but it is definitely something to invest in. Cotton is designed to draw out the moisture removing it from your precious strands thus contributing to dry hair and split ends. Silk and satin or the other hand will help keep the moisture locked in and keep your mane looking as fabulous as it was the night before. It will also help you avoid using harmful styling tools the next day because it will reduce the friction while you toss and turn. 


7. Regular trims

Yes we know we know every millimeter counts especially if you've been growing your hair out for quite some time now, but a regular visits to your hair stylist is always a good idea. Especially if they serve extra yummy coffee or even better WINE. Opt for a edgy glunge style like this one to get those little split ends refreshed and give your hair some volume and texture.

glunge style l'oreal pro Jason William @scissorking 

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8. Do not wash your ends when washing your hair

 Ok everyone should take note of this and make it part of your yearly routine. Your ends DO NOT need to be washed! We tend to see sebum as our enemy and eliminate it, but truth is sebum is your skin and hair best friend. It is our natural moisturizer so there is no need to scrub does ends abruptly because chances are your sebum never even reaches your ends especially if you have mermaid hair.  Instead simply glide the shampoo down to add a fresh scent and gently remove dirt but concentrate on massaging your scalp to remove the excess sebum build up. 


 9. Keep the water lukewarm in the shower

 As the weather get colder we tend to turn up the heat in the shower. Hot water will only contribute to drying out your skin and scalp. Make sure you use lukewarm water when washing to avoid irritating your skin. 



10. Progressive colour change

 So we all know spring will come along and we will all want a colour change. It's the season of blond. Platinums pastels and you name it. So why not plan ahead and start your transition slowly this winter. Speak to your colorist and talk about how you can slowly transition into your desired hue without damaging your hair too much.

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