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My Mane Care`s holiday gift set is now out !

November 24, 2015

We wanted to offer you My Mane Carers a little something extra for this holiday season, so we put together our fav products to bring you one ultimate hair care package. Trust us this will ensure a hydrated, smooth , tangle and dandruff free mane and fabulous pictures of yourself to remember the moment forever.  Let us present to you our Beauty Escape Package.

Here’s what it includes

One Natural Evergreen wood Wet Brush aka hair savior tool

This brush is the best detangling brush ever no matter your hair type. The Brush's Intelliflex™ bristles are super thin, strong and flexible and get tangles out effortlessly. It SofTips™ are also designed to massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle. Use it will indulging in one of our hair masks and you are sure to be pleased. Keep in mind that despite the word wet in its name the Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair and on extensions and wigs just like My Mane Care’s products.


Wet Brush Hair Brush

Two hair tracelss hair elastics 


These innovative hair elastics are sure to keep your hair game on point. Why you ask ? Here’s why. Firstly  the unique design ensures a kink free ponytail so you can tie that hair up at the office and in one quick release ,they are also tug free so fear not, leave looking like you just got a brushing from your Fav hair dresser.


Another reason why we chose these bad boys is that they are also a great gym buddies. Their strong hold will ensure that you can concentrate on holding that yoga pose without having any hair fall out ! Hell you can even throw in a hair wip at the end to look even more fabulous !

 Other added bonus is that they are antimicrobial so no yucky residue or buildup is absorbed .


One My Mane Care Hydrating Hair Mask

hydrating hair mask This 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free  Hair Mask  is designed to hydrate, revive, strengthen and maintain your hair's health and shine and more . We promise it might become your new best friend. Applied to dry hair and left for as little as 30 minutes or overnight for extra beauty sleep this mask will help eliminate crazy static, dandruff and protect your hair from heat styling tools and environmental elements.  One pouch will be sufficient for 3 to 4 treatments depending on the mane’s length.

One My Mane Pillow or Mon oreiller Pref pillow case


All this comes packaged in the greatest little pouch/ pillow case. Yup you read correctly a pouch that turns into a

pillow case ! Can you tell we are excited about it. We thought you might like to have an extra

pillow case for when you choose to maximise on your beauty sleep. Your welcome


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My Mane Care team

Spreading the love one mane at a time

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