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Mane Duo (Hydrating Hair Mask & Wet Brush pro detangle )

If you are looking for the ultimate hair care duo, you found it. The Wet Brush Pro combined with our Hydrating Hair Mask is sure to keep your mane in check. 


Wet Brush Pro

  • Pain-free detangling no tugging, pulling or hair loss  
  • Massages your scalp to help stimulate circulation at the follicle to stimulate hair growth 
  • Eliminates hair breakage
  • Use on wet or dry hair 
  • Designed for all hair types 

Hydrating Hair Mask 100 ml

  • Prevents breakage and split ends
  • Act as barrier against heat damage and UV rays
  • Nourish and protects your hair against environmental elements
  • Restore's scalp moisture, helping eliminate dandruff, cradle cap & psoriasis
  • Improve overall elasticity of your hair
  • Reduces static and smooths away frizz
  • Smooths the hair cuticle for a super intense natural shine.
  • Increases blood circulation to your hair follicles and help promote hair growth


* 100 ml of our Hydrating Hair Mask will give you on average 3 to 4 treatments

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